Hotel Fun

Hi everyone

Hope you had a super Saturday and Happy Father’s day to all.

I have just published a new title on Amazone Kindle – Hotel Fun.

This is a gay (M/M) erotic story with scenes of explicit sex between men, and only intended for mature readers.

Peter is in Durban, South Africa on business, and at the end of a long hard day, he relaxes in the beachfront hotel’s gym and steam room.
His chance meeting of two young men in the gym, leads to a fun evening for all three.

You can find my books here.

Huge Bulge and that Turn-on again

Received this photo on Google+ and I shared it on because I found it so hot. There has been quite a few comments on the posting with many finding it just as hot as I did. Enjoy


And then another one of those hot pictures that get me hard straight away. As I said yesterday, guys kissing and hugging – especially in the open – as an immediate effect on me – this one also hits the jackpot…


Have an awesome Friday everyone.

One of my biggest turn ons

One of my biggest turn ons, is seeing guys kissing. Up until a couple of years ago, one could only see two men kissing in a gay venue or videos and pictures. in certain countries with more and more equality and acceptance of gay men, it is now often possible to see two men kissing in public.

Seeing two men kiss, has an almost immediate effect on my penis. There I have said it….

So guess what is happening to me now????